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We have developed MEDIA PLUS – a unique fusion of media communications skills and the behavioural sciences to set a new international standard of excellence in media training developed and presented by our own behavioural scientists and highly experienced Sky News anchor presenters.

Traditional media training has developed very little over the last thirty years. Yet, the pressures upon individuals charged with the responsibility of communicating with the media has magnified dramatically. Never before has the public been so influenced by the impression people make when they appear on television or are heard on radio.

An ill-chosen word, a slip of the tongue, a hesitant response, a phrase delivered with contradictory body language, there are myriad opportunities for a minor local event to escalate into a nationally broadcast controversy. Massive investment developing brands, corporate identities, educational programmes and reputations for excellence can be put at risk every time a spokesperson addresses the media.

MEDIA PLUS has been developed specifically to match current performance demands. Of course, MEDIA PLUS recognises and embraces core foundation skills such as thorough preparation, familiarisation with studio processes and awareness of common pitfalls.

However, research and analysis amongst our many major corporate clients has revealed not only how very often but also why communications break down in the Boardroom, in key negotiations and in all-important media communications. Our complementary expertise in the behavioural sciences has identified the exceptional additional elements that make all the difference and which are now embraced throughout in MEDIA PLUS training.

That is why MEDIA PLUS trained spokespersons enjoy a very distinct competitive advantage. They also go so far as to tell us that this training has a significant bearing on their effectiveness as managers, and that their day-to-day communications with working colleagues is dramatically enhanced. Simply put, knowledge is power and it is the use of behavioural science that provides our delegates with that vital additional power.

A few comments from our clients

“There is a clear link between how people behave in their day-to-day work and how they are going to behave when being interviewed by the media”

“The ability to understand where an interview is coming from, how your behaviours and your personality start to impact on how you perform is really invaluable”

“I think learning about myself and how I can put across my personality in the best way in front of the camera has been really valuable”

“I can be more confident and not afraid of the camera now. I can now take my strengths and emphasise them”

“From the start of the day, throughout, we have all improved. Understanding our personalities has made the difference”

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