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So many of life’s experiences condition our future thinking. Sometimes this is as a result of strong conscious memories, sometimes our developing attitudes reflect a subtle, subconscious piece of mental conditioning.

Many sales personnel are pre-conditioned in a negotiating situation by the presumption that the buyer has more power than the seller. It often takes a reference to the water salesperson in the desert and a very thirsty traveller to start the process of unravelling years of mental pre-conditioning!

There are some fourteen essential techniques to be learned by every would-be negotiator. The right mental attitude supports the effective application of these techniques and a detailed understanding of body language and the autonomic nervous system completes the preparation which all high performing negotiators need and which sadly so few budding negotiators ever receive.

When winning a sale is simply not enough and the terms of sale and the margin of profit count for everything, this proven courseware will generate a focused new approach to winning highly profitable business.

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