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So many of our assignments begin in a new client’s Boardroom. The power, the responsibilities, the costs of failure and the rewards for winning create a highly complex working environment. It is also a dynamic environment. Responding to new pressures, changing conditions and the unexpected creates a relentlessly demanding environment where competition thrives whilst productivity does not.

Our deep understanding of the dynamics of teams, of the inter-reaction of differing personality types and ability to recognise the essential components if effort is to be rewarded by success place White House Consulting in a uniquely privileged position.

We help achieve balance, we develop more effective communications and deeper mutual between often widely differing personalities. We provide on-going coaching and support cultural and change management from the Boardroom down to every level in the organisation. We prepare senior managers for the ordeal of Press, Radio and TV interviews.

We discover hidden individual potential and nurture emerging talent to build effective succession plans. We improve the recruitment and selection filters and convert staff appraisals into positive, motivating experiences. And we ourselves thrive on the thanks and appreciation we receive for yet another job really well done.

We work with major international corporations and small emerging companies. Do Contact Us, our business is making your organization – and your people – more productive, whatever your present size.


ADVANCED MEDIA TRAINING – we have developed some of the most up to date and sophisticated training for senior executives who have to present a faultless image before the microphone and television camera

EXECUTIVE COACHING – our highly experienced and formally qualified expert coaching staff provide essential support services to Board members and senior executives to ensure performance is of the highest order in an increasingly demanding and dynamic environment

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