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We focus on the development of productivity with a comprehensive range of co-ordinated and inter-related psychology-based services.

High performers are the life-blood of every organisation. Starting with the drive to attract and retain talent with improved interview and selection processes and the application of a range of psychometric tools, elsewhere we address the need for more effective team-building and improved management and motivational skills. The co-ordination of these specialist skills creates a uniquely effective formula for talent management.

The development of sales performance is often the key to growth and to profitability. Our own in-house developed specialised psychometric tool, Sales Quotient, provides a unique insight into and measurement of 15 essential sales competencies, it is a sales training needs tool without peer. We provide a comprehensive range of remedial tools as well as foundation sales training and training in advanced negotiating skills. Following an extended period of field research, we now provide our clients’ sales teams with personality recognition skills that provide a unique competitive advantage.

As expert psychologists and behavioural scientists, we are well equipped to support change management and cultural change issues. We have developed specialised techniques that recognise and harness the unique personality and behaviour patterns of every individual employee. It is a formula for creating harmony within the boardroom and throughout every business function, a key element in our commitment to the ever-growing imperative to provide the customer experience to the highest achievable standards.

Senior management and Board members increasingly are required to defend, justify or promote their organisations to the media. Our unique combination of behavioural scientists working with experienced newscasters has developed some of the most advanced media training available. Every day may bring new challenges and our highly experienced, qualified coaches have an enviable reputation for meeting the very highest standards in executive coaching.

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