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The achievement of cultural change is one of the most commonly stated corporate objectives yet one of the very least understood. The desire to establish and follow a new and shared set of objectives is admirable. However, any competent psychologist will tell you that, to change behaviours, first you have to change attitudes. Therein lies the challenge: the need to understand thoroughly not only how individuals react to change but the dynamics of bringing it into effect is variously described as both a science and an art.

Individual personality types can and do have a major impact on the pace of a cultural change program. Past history and previous management behaviours affect the ease with which change can be effected. Building trust may take time and whilst some personality types see change as an exciting new challenge, others are fearful and need time to come to terms with its purpose before coming to its acceptance.

We have a wealth of experience in effecting cultural change in a very wide variety of organisations and circumstances. It is surprising how often the mere declaration of a cultural change is thought to be all that is required!

Avoid the many pitfalls and hidden opportunities to achieve exactly the opposite of what had been intended. Just ask to talk to one of our specialists in Cultural Change and Change Management.

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