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The provision of a first quality Customer Experience is one of the greatest pre-occupations of modern business. It is a challenge to achieve and an even greater challenge to maintain. White House Consulting is closely associated with the development of techniques in this field and maintains strong connections with a market leading operation – the q of e – ( the Quality of Experience) whose membership is limited to leading industrial and commercial organisations committed to the achievement of excellence.

Customer centricity, self-service, technical support, empowerment, corporate culture, voice recognition and call centres, just a few of the phrases regularly encountered in the design and development of systems committed to enhancing the Customer Experience. With increasing regularity, the phrase ‘personality type and associated behaviour patterns’ is to be found exerting a pivotal influence as psychologists provide a fresh basis for assessing the costs and for recognising the shortcomings of original systems which were expected to provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Moreover, with organisations increasingly valuing clients twice – both as a current customer and as being not a customer of a competing organisation, client retention has become an objective of critical significance. The interaction of the often widely differing personalities both of individual customer-facing staff and of the customers themselves is increasingly recognised as requiring staff to develop the ability to respond very much at an individually tailored level. That satisfied customers have an exceptional ability as advocates to introduce yet further customers by recommendation has not gone unnoticed either, particularly as the cost of attracting new business continues to spiral upwards.

With approaching 2% of all employees in Britain now engaged in call centre operations, there has never been a greater commitment to the development of the Customer Experience. Unfortunately, staff turnover has now become unacceptably high amongst customer-facing staff as customers cross the boundaries of what is commercially reasonable and socially acceptable in their relentless demand for satisfaction. Studies of customer loyalty and of customer’s trust illustrate significantly negative trends. The mix of our specialist skills at White House Consulting ensures we are ideally equipped to finesse the Customer Experience provided by our clients and generate increasingly positive outcomes.

Let us introduce you to the q of e ( the Quality of Experience) where you will have the opportunity to engage in the most advanced and innovative discussion chamber for developing the Customer Experience to new standards of excellence.

White House Consulting's specialist training in recognising and understanding personality types continues to make a major contribution to reducing staff turnover in contact centres and to increasing levels of customer satisfaction.

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