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In 1990 less than 1.5% of senior managers had a Coach. Today, nearly two in every three senior managers do. Having regular access to a qualified Coach consistently generates an ROI in excess of SIX times the original investment.

In the sporting world every World Champion has a Coach, they cannot succeed without one, and leading business executives now recognise a top business coach is equally vital to their success and the source of an essential competitive advantage.

A business coach represents a confidante, a source of fresh knowledge, ideas and new skills, a support, an a-political sounding board and the catalyst for aspiring to a new level of success-winning behaviours.

Coaching is time efficient. No longer restricted to meetings in person, coaching techniques have been developed for effective access by telephone which can be delivered any time day or night and increasingly across country boundaries.

The provision of coaching is now extremely flexible delivering over a few sessions or over an extended programme in response to a multitude of factors – goals, markets, leadership issues, teams, finance, sales and marketing – and to the needs of all types of organisations from SMEs to large international enterprises. We are experienced and highly effective across the entire range.

All our coaching is customised and adapted to real clients’ issues. It is not about theories but about implementing real solutions to real problems to achieve genuine results. We work tirelessly to achieve the targeted results; our success is quite simply our clients’ success. It is not at all unusual for clients to consider us as partners in their on-going developments.

In the coaching world, we often use the expression. “If you keep on doing what you are doing, you will keep on getting what you are getting”.

As business coaches we will help to identify where you are now, clarify your goals and strategies but crucially help to identify where you must improve. In order to improve, you are going to have to make changes and to accept challenges. We will guide you through this process. If you are committed to being a success, you should contact us now, we have the solutions you need.

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