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 Psychometric Tools 


White House Consulting provides access to a wide range of psychometric tools and some of the many applications for which they are designed are listed below. Never to be used alone, they provide additional and often crucial insights to support the decision-making process.

For example, studies in the UK and USA both suggest that only one new appointment in four ( just 25%) is retrospectively regarded as having been successful. This increases to 55% with the use of an appropriate and properly administered psychometric tool. A trained interviewer will further increase success from 55% to an average of 82%. This is why we are often invited to conduct final selection interviews for our clients and why psychometrics are also included in the solution.

Our range of psychometric tools include the following applications.


  • Selection Interviews
  • Selection of Sales Staff
  • Succession Planning/ Management Development
  • Identifying Under-utilised Potential
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Improving Communications
  • Matching Appropriate Motivational Techniques to Individuals
  • Building Effective and Well-balanced Teams
  • Anticipating and Pre-handling Conflict
  • Identifying the Onset, Presence or Pre-disposition towards Work-related Stress
  • Effecting Cultural Change



  • Sales Training Needs Analysis
  • Identifying Entrepreneurial Skill Sets
  • Measuring Mental Stability
  • Measuring Differentiation ( identifying management style)
  • Measuring Individual Honesty
  • Identifying Job Mismatches
  • Preparation Prior To Performance Appraisals
  • Generation of Psychometric Job Profiles
  • Development of Recruitment 'Benchmarks'

Psychometric tools do not offer a panacea solution. In the hands of untrained staff, they can be misinterpreted or dangerously regarded as providing definitive information. In practice, they should be used either as a source of additional data to aid the decision-making process or as a pointer to areas of information which yet need to be acquired or examined in greater detail. As a matter of corporate policy, White House Consulting supports the practice wherever possible of explaining the meaning and the significance of the results to an individual following the use of a psychometric tool.

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