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The theory says that the team should be able to combine its assets so that its achievements outstrip what might have been produced as the sum of its component parts.

If you have ever driven a car with a wheel out of balance you will be well on the way to recognising the disproportionate impact on a team's productivity if it, too, is suffering an imbalance. The impact on factors such as budgets, cash flow, delivery times and customer relations are well known. Even so, it is still surprising how much effort is put into assembling an apparent balance of skills and experience in a team without any regard for how they will behave towards each other as individuals.

By the application of a basic understanding of personality types and their associated behaviours, potential areas for concern can be predicted with confidence. Susceptibility to work-related stress and adjusted behaviour patterns that result amongst those under stress can all be predicted and this allows the opportunity to take early remedial action to preserve team performance and productivity.

In other instances, the opposing styles of, say, the individual who, like the carpenter, prefers to measure twice and cut just the once, can be reconciled with the entirely different team member who much prefers to crack on and sort out problems ‘on the fly’. ( Please see PERSONALITY RECOGNITION SKILLS – Management). Such an insight can also reveal other essential issues such as the development of a team's strategy and its decision-making processes.

Finally, and by no means least, understanding the personalities of individual team members will also have a major beneficial effect on how to manage and motivate them.

Team Evolution

As well as understanding and managing the influence of individual personalities, every team evolves through a number of critical stages, each of which has a significant bearing on its ability to perform. White House Consulting has experts in the application of GDQ (Group Development Questionnaire) which determines the present stage of a team's development. This process culminates in an accurate indicator of the team's ability to work productively as a unit and compares its performance with the performances of other workgroups. GDQ thus diagnoses the specific issues that group members need to address in order to improve their group's productivity.

The combined application of psychometric profiling and of GDQ enables White House Consulting to provide clients with a unique ability to develop informed team members and balanced teams perfectly attuned to the achievement of their goals.

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